eques artiste peintre


EQUES has graduated in” Decorative Arts of Marseille” . and studied Fine Arts with artists such as Briata , Surian , Le Chenier.
She ‘s influenced by Gericault , Miguel Barcelo and Egon Schiele.

She is particulary interested in horses (she ‘s in fact a competiton rider) , Also her interests lie with Bulls, rats and human body.
Through the movements strength and the expressions’ subtility, frightened glances show anxiety of death.
She represents with fascination and respect bulls fights.
Animals are performing in gorgious colored scenes.

Other themes are painted with cinisme as human condition seen by rats.
In Nudes and  Dance , the bodies’expressions show violent emotions.

A part from her personnal exhibition, Celine Eques has diversified her plasticians’work within the framework of completion of specific commands.
She takes a part in several architectural projects:

  • Model for a childrens’ book : “Honey Bear Adventures “.
  • Mission concil town planning and environnement of Nice.
  • Renovation of places:
  • Haut de Cagnes:  places relooking .
  • Chapelle Gilette & Madone d’Utelle : friezes.
  • Hotel mercure Nice : renovation ( office Espla &Gaillot).
  • Architecttures project; stand Swatch (Global Studio . Paris.).
  • Arrangement creation; oryx painting of precious plates for Sultan of Oman ;
    Prototype realised by Daum .
  • A lot of project for friezes ; inside and outside walls inprivate houses.
  • Happening “Tags onTufts”. Cannes palm beach; galla and sale by auction.

She can work according to commands of any kind : figuratf, contemporary,or abstracted…
For private individuals or companies.